a sweater odyssey

Posted On April 17, 2010

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I’m very excited…I’m going to knit some sweaters. Yay! My first sweater with be Gytha, followed by Rogue (steeked to be a cardigan), followed by 3 others and a hooded vest. To go with these sweaters, I am taking the plunge…combing out my 6 yr old dreads. It’s time–I’m sick of the itching (dandruff, not lice, thanks), the mold that somehow got in and never left…but mostly I just need a  big change, and this will provide one (albeit temporarily). I’m also thinking of a nice nose piercing…won’t the SO be surprised when he picks me up at the airport! I can just see the look of shock on his face now. Teehee.


One Response to “a sweater odyssey”

  1. Kathleen

    Good luck! I love to knit sweaters. Please post a picture of your creation when it’s finished!

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